CoalHeritage RFCS Project is divided in 5 WP each with deliverables (project outcomes) that are expected to be submitted in order to show the project’s progress. For each deliverable a due month is presented by when it is expected to be uploaded in the Portal. The due month of the deliverable cannot be outside the duration of the work package and must be in line with the timeline provided in Figure 1. Month 1 marks the start of the project and all deadlines should be related to this starting date.

There are a total of 13 deliverables, 2 in each of WP1, WP3, WP4, 3 in WP5 and 4 in WP2. The dissemination level for all the deliverables is Public, except Deliverable D3.1 which is decribed as sensitive. The deliverables will constitute documents written in English language with an electronic format. Once the deliverables will be approved by Project Officer they will be uploaded on the project’s website in order to be available to all the interested parties including the general public.

Fig. 1 CoalHeritage Deliverables timeline (the names in the red colour rectangles represent the Lead Beneficiary)