CoalHeritage Project on Polish media!

Great News! Polish media wrote about us❗️📰

An article “Concern for post-mining heritage” was published in Trybuna Górnicza and at the portal – both the most popular mining media in #Poland.

It refers to the starting point for the CoalHeritage project, which is the energy transition, and presents the main objectives of the project, which are the promotion of coal mining heritage, using the EVMJ as the main tool and creation of an interregional network dedicated to the protection of carbon heritage.

In the article it is emphasized that the network of partners of the Coal Heritage project is committed to promoting the protection of #coal#mines, recognizing their importance in everyday life, as well as their contribution to economic and social development. The main effect of the projec – the #EuropeanVisualMapJournal, is discussed.

In the article project manager, Dr. Theodoros Zarogiannis, #CERTH, explains that this EVMJ aims to better understanding the mining heritage. It is important that the CoalHeritage project endeavors to identify best practices for transforming sites and areas into industrial heritage objects. Incorporating best practices during transition processes contributes to the digital and circular transformation of coal communities. It might help to create new job opportunities in local tourism for former mining industry employees.

Dr Zarogiannis also emphasises that the general aim of CoalHeritage project is to raise awareness of the history of coal mining and to draw the public attention.

The article also contains information about the institutions forming the project consortium, the period of its implementation and #RFCS Accompanying Measure funding.

The article finds a vast resonance in the public community, arousing interest in the Polish Ministry of State Assets and institutions dealing with the cultural and industrial heritage of mining regions, such as The Museum “Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park in Chorzów” or the Brotherhood of Miners.

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