New Article of CoalHeritage Project on Polish media!

Another article in Polish media on the CoalHeritage project “From coal mining to the museum. Development of network supporting the preservation of mining heritage”, was published in the Mining Magazine 📰

It presents a few successful examples of the use of mining heritage (Guido Mine, Luiza Adit, Ignacy Shaft in Poland, Ruhr area in Germany) and the need to use industrial #heritage in the process of transformation of mining regions.

The main objectives of the project were presented and it was emphasized that not only the tangible and intangible resources of the mines will be analysed, but also the concept of #geoheritage will be taken into account. Dr Theodoros Zarogiannis, project manager from #CERTH, explains that the #Coal#Heritage project emphasizes processes for identifying coal objects as national heritage areas and adopting best practices for transforming the site into industrial heritage. Hence, the expected result is the development of the Coal Heritage geo-database, co-created with an interregional stakeholder network, to collect geospatial and textual data from selected coal mines based on specific criteria. This collaborative effort integrates the interregional coal mining heritage network and the geodatabase as a specific theme route in the European Route of Industrial Heritage #ERIH.

In the article the main effect of the project, which is the European Visual Map Journal, promoting the potential of mining as a common industrial heritage, is discussed. Dr Theodoros Zarogiannis also explains the overall objectives of the project, such as supporting the creation of new jobs in local #tourism for former workers of the extractive industry and raising awareness of the importance of coal #mining and alternative ways of using coal regions in a more sustainable way.

This article also includes information about the institutions forming the project consortium, the period of its implementation and #RFCS Accompanying Measure funding.