CoalHeritage 2nd progress meeting

CoalHeritage 2nd progress meeting

Successful Progress Meeting in Velenje

📍 Velenje, Slovenia – Velenje Coal Mine, a partner in CoalHeritage project, yesterday hosted a significant event to discuss the development of an interregional network for the promotion and protection of coal mining heritage in mining regions.

🤩The event commenced with a warm welcome from hosts director of Velenje Coal Mine Janez Rošer and manager of a PR department and Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia Tadeja Jegrišnik. 👥

🔍 Project Officer Vasiliki Kosiavelou provided key insights into the project’s progress and future dissemination and exploitation opportunities, emphasizing the importance of protecting and promoting coal mining heritage.

📊 WP1: Project Management was presented by CERTH, highlighting the strategic management aspects and overall coordination efforts of the CoalHeritage project.

🌍 WP2: Status Quo of Coal Mining Heritage in Europe, presented by GIG, offered a comprehensive overview of the current state of coal mining heritage across Europe, identifying key sites and their historical significance.

📚 WP3: Inventory of Assets and Management of Sites, presented by KOMAG, detailed the methodologies for cataloging and managing coal mining heritage assets to ensure their preservation and accessibility.🌳

🗺️ WP4: Creating a European Visual Map Journal for Coal Heritage, presented by CERTH, introduced the concept of a digital journal to visually map and document coal heritage sites, enhancing public engagement and awareness.

🔗 WP5: Development of a Network for the Promotion and Protection of Mining Heritage, presented by PV, focused on building a robust network to advocate for and protect coal mining heritage across Europe.

🍀Tatjana Dizdarevič, director of Idria Mercury Mine Ltd. – in liquidation, provided an insightful presentation of experience with the preservation of mining cultural heritage in Idrija, and Tadeja Jegrišnik shared a presentation of the Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia.💥

😍Promotion, dissemination, and exploitation of the COALHERITAGE project are not just activities but pivotal strategies that ensure our project makes a lasting, positive impact. Together, we can protect and celebrate the rich heritage of coal-mining sites, transforming them into sources of pride and prosperity for generations to come. 🧚‍♀️

The event concluded with a collaborative discussion on the next steps and closing remarks from all participants, reaffirming their commitment to the project’s goals. 🤝

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